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Sydney Metropolitan Premiership Table

1Chris Waller3735.538$3,811,630
2Gai Waterhouse24.520.510$1,651,010
3Joseph Pride1596$1,078,045
4Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes1379$862,555
5John O'Shea11.5910$840,480
6Peter & Paul Snowden977$791,960
7Anthony Cummings748$350,900
8Bart & James Cummings651$902,940
9Gerald Ryan647$362,645
10Peter G Moody534$408,050
11John P Thompson431$600,640
12David Vandyke422$298,085

Chris Waller Racing

The rise to the top of the Sydney Trainers’ ranks has by no means been an overnight success story for Chris Waller Racing.

CWR Randwick Preview 18 October 2014

Chris and Liam go through Chris Waller Racing's runners at Randwick this Saturday.


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Stable Runners

Thu 23 Oct - Hawkesbury

7. LAHOOD AND SONS BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP4:40pm2. Bubbles 'n' Boats1800m (11) Jay Ford  58.5kg

Fri 24 Oct - Canterbury Park

1. IN2INDOOR.COM.AU HANDICAP7:00pm5. Rye1250m (1) Tye Angland  56kg
1. IN2INDOOR.COM.AU HANDICAP7:00pm6. Toss And Tell1250m (5) Jason Collett  56kg
3. JAMBEROO ACTION PARK HANDICAP8:00pm1. Richie's Bickies1900m (2) Glyn Schofield  58kg
4. CRONULLA RSL CLUB HANDICAP8:30pm7. Our Little Miracle1250m (5) Glyn Schofield  57kg
6. HARRY'S CAFE DE WHEELS BURWOOD HANDICAP9:30pm1. Campanology1550m (3) Brenton Avdulla  59kg
7. LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA HANDICAP10:00pm14e. Rock Temple1250m (10) Glyn Schofield  54kg

Fri 24 Oct - Wangaratta

2. BiRite Discount Electrical Wangaratta Maiden Plate1:55pm11. Doublecross Dancer2010m (2) Jake Noonan  56kg

Sat 25 Oct - Kembla Grange

7. BAINES MASONRY F&M MAIDEN PLATE4:55pm2. Dark Envy1200m (10) Lester Grace  58kg

Sat 25 Oct - Moonee Valley

4. Telstra Phonewords Stakes3:00pm2. Law1200m (1) Zac Purton  57kg
5. Racing.com Moonee Valley Gold Cup3:35pm7. Opinion2500m (9) Zac Purton  55kg
6. Schweppes Crystal Mile4:10pm7. Bull Point1600m (2) Ryan Moore  58.5kg
8. Sportingbet Cox Plate5:40pm1. Sacred Falls2040m (9) Zac Purton  59kg
8. Sportingbet Cox Plate5:40pm5. Foreteller2040m (1) Tommy Berry  59kg
8. Sportingbet Cox Plate5:40pm10. Royal Descent2040m (3) Glen Boss  57kg

Sat 25 Oct - Rosehill Gardens

1. BILL GILMOUR TENNIS CENTRE PLATE12:55pm1. Good Project1350m (3) Tye Angland  56kg
1. BILL GILMOUR TENNIS CENTRE PLATE12:55pm3. Redoutable Heart1350m (6) Blake Shinn  55.5kg
1. BILL GILMOUR TENNIS CENTRE PLATE12:55pm7. Wine Tales1350m (2) Tim Clark  53.5kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm1. Beyond Thankful2000m (2) Jason Collett  59kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm2. Pythagorean2000m (4) Blake Shinn  59kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm3. Campanology2000m (9) Brenton Avdulla  58.5kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm5. Forever Crazy2000m (8) Tye Angland  57kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm6. Grand Marshal2000m (6) Jim Cassidy  57kg
3. ALPHA FLIGHT SERVICES HANDICAP2:05pm7. Saigon Tea2000m (1) Glyn Schofield  57kg
4. SYDNEY MARKETS FILANTE HANDICAP2:40pm3. Riva de Lago1500m (5) Glyn Schofield  59.5kg
4. SYDNEY MARKETS FILANTE HANDICAP2:40pm5. I'm Imposing1500m (1) Tye Angland  58.5kg
4. SYDNEY MARKETS FILANTE HANDICAP2:40pm6. Disciple1500m (3) Jim Cassidy  54kg
5. HARVEY NORMAN HANDICAP3:20pm1. Made to Order1400m (9) Serg Lisnyy  59kg
6. CANTERBURY LEAGUE CLUB HANDICAP4:00pm7. Windjammer1100m (7) Glyn Schofield  59kg
7. PALMERBET HANDICAP4:40pm6. Abbasso1350m (13) Blake Shinn  58kg
7. PALMERBET HANDICAP4:40pm11. Perplexity1350m (4) Jim Cassidy  57kg
8. MEN OF LEAGUE HANDICAP5:20pm1. Heart Testa1200m (5) Serg Lisnyy  60kg
8. MEN OF LEAGUE HANDICAP5:20pm12. You'll Never1200m (4) Jason Collett  54.5kg