Kerrin McEvoy pilots Pythagorean to victoryWaller secures Nash to partner Moriarty in Railway StakesChris Waller’s patient approach rewarded with Heart Testa’s Rosehill victory

Sydney Metropolitan Premiership Table

1Chris Waller4749.557 $4,588,910
2Gai Waterhouse29.524.518 $1,959,615
3John O'Shea25.51616 $1,503,900
4Joseph Pride19109 $1,263,905
5Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes16814 $1,008,750
6Peter & Paul Snowden11129 $944,325
7Anthony Cummings9128 $541,500
8Gerald Ryan9711 $596,190
9Kris Lees966 $523,560
10Bart & James Cummings751 $930,300
11Ron Quinton635 $348,565
12Peter G Moody635 $438,035

Chris Waller Racing

The rise to the top of the Sydney Trainers’ ranks has by no means been an overnight success story for Chris Waller Racing.

Chris Waller Racing Saturday Runners Preview 29th November 2014

Chris and Liam chat about the past week for the stable and also about our upcoming runners.


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Stable Runners

Thu 27 Nov - Seymour

4. Carlton Mid Maiden Plate3:05pm12. Mathison1400m (2) James Winks  57kg

Fri 28 Nov - Warwick Farm

1. TAB PLACE MULTI HANDICAP2:41pm4. Electrifyin'1600m (3) Kerrin McEvoy  58.5kg
1. TAB PLACE MULTI HANDICAP2:41pm5. Waltzing Willie1600m (5) Tye Angland  58kg
2. HYLAND RACE COLOURS PLATE3:16pm2. Cornish Tales1600m (8) Blake Shinn  57kg
2. HYLAND RACE COLOURS PLATE3:16pm3. Electrifyin'1600m (2) Hugh Bowman  57kg
2. HYLAND RACE COLOURS PLATE3:16pm9. Waltzing Willie1600m (12) Tye Angland  57kg
3. 2015 ATC MEMBERSHIP ON SALE HANDICAP3:52pm3. Sadhika1400m (8) Glyn Schofield  58kg
5. ATC AUTUMN HOSPITALITY ON SALE HANDICAP5:12pm3. Sensualism1600m (3) Jason Collett  57.5kg

Sat 29 Nov - Doomben

6. TRAVEL ASSOCIATES CLASSIC Fillies and Mares Plate4:12pm10. Just a Girl1200m (12) Chris Munce  55.5kg

Sat 29 Nov - Moonee Valley

2. 1PRINT Handicap1:35pm1. Bascule1200m (2) James Winks  58.5kg
5. Corey McDonald Handicap3:25pm1. Calming Influence1200m (1) James Winks  60kg
6. Melbourne Signage Concepts Handicap4:00pm1. She's Clean1500m (6) Regan Bayliss  62kg

Sat 29 Nov - Rosehill Gardens

2. DE BORTOLI WINES HANDICAP1:50pm1. Harrier Jet1200m (6) Hugh Bowman  59kg
2. DE BORTOLI WINES HANDICAP1:50pm4. Dupe 'em1200m (8) Glyn Schofield  56.5kg
3. ASCEND SALES TROPHIES HANDICAP2:25pm1. Holy Delusions1300m (1) Lester Grace  59.5kg
3. ASCEND SALES TROPHIES HANDICAP2:25pm2. Mamwaazel1300m (6) Hugh Bowman  59kg
4. TAB REWARDS HANDICAP3:05pm11. Religify1100m (11) Tommy Berry  56kg
5. ATC CUP3:45pm1. Permit2000m (2) Blake Shinn  59kg
5. ATC CUP3:45pm5. Beyond Thankful2000m (7) Glyn Schofield  54kg
6. FESTIVAL STAKES4:25pm4. Strawberry Boy1500m (9) Joshua Parr  57.5kg
6. FESTIVAL STAKES4:25pm6. Heart Testa1500m (8) Hugh Bowman  56.5kg
6. FESTIVAL STAKES4:25pm9. Hoylonny1500m (12) Jason Collett  55.5kg
6. FESTIVAL STAKES4:25pm10. I'm Imposing1500m (6) Tye Angland  55.5kg
6. FESTIVAL STAKES4:25pm13. Multilateral1500m (14) Glyn Schofield  54kg
8. IRRESISTIBLE POOLS & SPAS HANDICAP5:40pm1. Amovatio1350m (11) Serg Lisnyy  60.5kg
8. IRRESISTIBLE POOLS & SPAS HANDICAP5:40pm6. The Alfonso1350m (16) Hugh Bowman  58.5kg
8. IRRESISTIBLE POOLS & SPAS HANDICAP5:40pm9. Abbasso1350m (15) Tye Angland  56kg
8. IRRESISTIBLE POOLS & SPAS HANDICAP5:40pm13e. Specific Choice1350m (3) Tommy Berry  54kg