Rodrico reignites Queensland Derby hopesMackintosh remains unbeaten for Waller with Grand Prix Stakes winChris Waller poised for big six in McKell Cup

Sydney Metropolitan Premiership Table

1Chris Waller144131117.5 $17,348,727
2John O'Shea66.56863 $8,622,760
3Peter & Paul Snowden604346 $6,259,065
4Gai Waterhouse45.54333 $5,023,775
5Joseph Pride302228 $1,965,922
6Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes302023 $3,733,532
7James Cummings272220 $2,137,255
8Bjorn Baker222326 $1,862,130
9Anthony Cummings221716 $1,783,682
10Gerald Ryan203532 $2,104,235
11Kris Lees152215 $5,059,085
12John P Thompson14118 $1,227,280

Chris Waller Racing

The rise to the top of the Sydney Trainers’ ranks has by no means been an overnight success story for Chris Waller Racing.

Chris Waller Racing Runners Preview - 28th May 2016

Chris and Charlie discuss the past week for the stable as well as the upcoming runners across the three states this weekend.


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Stable Runners

Wed 1 Jun - Warwick Farm

1. ALL TOO HARD PLATE1:15pm3. Elusive Star1200m (6) Hugh Bowman  56kg
1. ALL TOO HARD PLATE1:15pm5. Republican1200m (7) Rory Hutchings  56kg
2. PRO-RIDE PLATE1:45pm8. Wonderful Story1300m (4) Rory Hutchings  57kg
2. PRO-RIDE PLATE1:45pm9. Foxplay1300m (9) Sam Clipperton  55kg
3. TAB REWARDS PLATE2:15pm3. Echo Queen1200m (11) Glyn Schofield  56kg
3. TAB REWARDS PLATE2:15pm10. Ocean Spray1200m (1) Hugh Bowman  56kg
3. TAB REWARDS PLATE2:15pm14. Wild Lavender1200m (10) Rory Hutchings  56kg
4. PRESS STATEMENT @ VINERY HANDICAP2:45pm6. Zourkhan2200m (9) Rory Hutchings  58.5kg
4. PRESS STATEMENT @ VINERY HANDICAP2:45pm8. El Novio2200m (6) Hugh Bowman  57kg
4. PRESS STATEMENT @ VINERY HANDICAP2:45pm9. Scooner2200m (4) Glyn Schofield  55kg
6. FAREWELL RAY MURRIHY HANDICAP3:45pm7. Navua Mist1100m (6) Blake Shinn  59kg
7. TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP4:15pm1. Rye1600m (8) Hugh Bowman  60kg
7. TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP4:15pm8. Our Beatnik1600m (2) Glyn Schofield  58.5kg

Thu 2 Jun - Bendigo

4. Pubs & Clubs Raceday 23 June Maiden Plate2:00pm2. Dineamic Lad1300m (10) Damien Thornton  58.5kg
6. e-Cycle Mosstrooper Steeplechase 24 July BM64 Handicap3:00pm8. Scandal Sheet1600m (1) Damian Lane  58kg

Thu 2 Jun - Gosford

5. DE BORTOLI WINES 2YO MAIDEN PLATE2:35pm13. Seventhchic1000m (12) Glyn Schofield  55kg

Sat 4 Jun - Eagle Farm

7. TREASURY CASINO & HOTEL QUEENSLAND OAKS (QTIS 3YO)4:00pm6. Sebring Sally2400m (19) Hugh Bowman  56.5kg
7. TREASURY CASINO & HOTEL QUEENSLAND OAKS (QTIS 3YO)4:00pm18. Mount Omei2400m (11) Chris Symons  56.5kg
8. FKG GROUP SPEAR CHIEF HANDICAP4:37pm2. Religify1500m (4) Hugh Bowman  57.5kg

Sat 4 Jun - Ladbrokes Park Hillside

2. Ladbrokes Park Handicap11:50am3. Yellen1500m (11) Ben Melham  56.5kg

Sat 4 Jun - Rosehill Gardens

2. NEW CALEDONIA TRAVEL CONNECTION HANDICAP12:00pm10. Ciarlet1200m (7) Glyn Schofield  54kg
4. FIIG HANDICAP1:10pm3. She's Clean1400m (9) Glyn Schofield  58.5kg
4. FIIG HANDICAP1:10pm5. Marenostro1400m (7) Tye Angland  56kg
5. TPG HANDICAP1:45pm10. Harlem Lady1500m (7) Rory Hutchings  57kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm1. Hursley1500m (6) Jeff Penza  60kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm2. Montauk1500m (1) Glyn Schofield  60kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm10. Tremezzina1500m (9) Ms Kathy O'Hara  58kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm11. So Willie1500m (3) Koby Jennings  58kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm14. Dinghu Mountain1500m (15) Jay Ford  56kg
6. PRO IT HANDICAP2:25pm15. Dubaiinstyle1500m (12) Rory Hutchings  56kg
7. MONACO CUP3:05pm1. Collaboration1500m (7) Koby Jennings  60kg
7. MONACO CUP3:05pm5. Consign1500m (12) Rory Hutchings  58.5kg
7. MONACO CUP3:05pm6. Disgraceful1500m (10) Glyn Schofield  58.5kg
7. MONACO CUP3:05pm10. Metallic Crown1500m (2) Tye Angland  56kg
8. THOMSON REUTERS TAX & ACCOUNTING HANDICAP3:45pm5. Tales of Grimm1800m (5) Rory Hutchings  58.5kg
8. THOMSON REUTERS TAX & ACCOUNTING HANDICAP3:45pm7. Loophole1800m (2) Tye Angland  57kg
9. PACIFIC BOATING HANDICAP4:25pm3. McCreery1200m (14) Rory Hutchings  59.5kg
9. PACIFIC BOATING HANDICAP4:25pm4. Wine Tales1200m (17) Glyn Schofield  59kg