Waller breaks through $150 million prizemoney ceiling after amazing decade of excellenceChris Waller 'still learning'Waller has the numbers to win Kingston Town Classic

Sydney Metropolitan Premiership Table

1Chris Waller656150.5 $5,438,842
2John O'Shea372827 $4,365,710
3Peter & Paul Snowden232423.5 $2,129,707
4Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott161210 $1,263,715
5Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes152210 $1,350,500
6Joseph Pride1377 $686,075
7Kris Lees11511 $825,045
8Gerald Ryan8816 $619,440
9Matthew Dunn821 $358,700
10John P Thompson785 $853,855
11Bjorn Baker61411 $675,430
12James Cummings5610 $552,540

Chris Waller Racing

The rise to the top of the Sydney Trainers’ ranks has by no means been an overnight success story for Chris Waller Racing.

Chris Waller Racing Runners Preview - 3rd December 2016

Chris and Charlie discuss the past week for the stable as well as the upcoming runners for the weekend.


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Stable Runners

Fri 9 Dec - Canterbury Park

2. #THERACES HANDICAP6:45pm1. Black On Gold1900m (3) Tommy Berry  61kg
2. #THERACES HANDICAP6:45pm6. Profusive1900m (2) Leigh Roche  55kg
2. #THERACES HANDICAP6:45pm7. Delacroix1900m (4) Brenton Avdulla  54kg
3. RANVET HANDICAP7:15pm3. Bannatyne1550m (1) Kerrin McEvoy  57.5kg
3. RANVET HANDICAP7:15pm4. Via Napoli1550m (2) Tommy Berry  57kg
4. TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP7:45pm2. Thurston1550m (5) Tim Clark  61kg
4. TAB.COM.AU HANDICAP7:45pm6. Austin1550m (4) Kerrin McEvoy  58kg
6. TAB REWARDS HANDICAP8:45pm1. El Novio1900m (13) Kerrin McEvoy  60.5kg
6. TAB REWARDS HANDICAP8:45pm6. No Return1900m (2) Lee Magorrian  58.5kg
6. TAB REWARDS HANDICAP8:45pm13e. Prince Morpheus1900m (5) Glyn Schofield  56kg
6. TAB REWARDS HANDICAP8:45pm14e. Estikhraaj1900m (4) Brenton Avdulla  55.5kg
8. HYLAND RACE COLOURS HANDICAP9:45pm2. Sonic Swish1250m (7) Tye Angland  61kg

Sat 10 Dec - Flemington

3. Hollywood Nails Handicap2:10pm9. Firebird Flyer1700m (8) Michael Dee  54kg
5. Vaughan Constructions Handicap3:25pm4. Zourkhan2500m (11) Damien Oliver  58kg
8. Urban Maintenance Systems Handicap5:20pm4. Encosta Line1600m (8) Craig Williams  58kg

Sat 10 Dec - Kembla Grange

3. BERT LILLYE LOUNGE MAIDEN PLATE2:14pm2. Mohe County1500m (8) Chad Lever  57.5kg
3. BERT LILLYE LOUNGE MAIDEN PLATE2:14pm7. Axiomatic1500m (1) Charles Bishop  55.5kg
7. SUMMER RACING AT KEMBLA GRANGE MAIDEN HANDICAP4:44pm1. Echo Queen1300m (10) Charles Bishop  59kg
7. SUMMER RACING AT KEMBLA GRANGE MAIDEN HANDICAP4:44pm3. Jaminzah1300m (9) Chad Lever  58.5kg

Sat 10 Dec - Rosehill Gardens

2. #THERACES PLATE1:20pm1. Zumbelina1400m (5) Brenton Avdulla  58kg
4. ELECTRO MECHANICAL SERVICES HANDICAP2:30pm9. Dagny1400m (8) Brenton Avdulla  56kg
4. ELECTRO MECHANICAL SERVICES HANDICAP2:30pm12. Cry for Peace1400m (11) Glyn Schofield  55kg
6. ATC MEMBERS CHRISTMAS HANDICAP3:45pm1. The Rumour File2000m (10) Joshua Parr  61kg
6. ATC MEMBERS CHRISTMAS HANDICAP3:45pm2. Multifacets2000m (2) Tommy Berry  60.5kg
6. ATC MEMBERS CHRISTMAS HANDICAP3:45pm3. Montauk2000m (8) Lee Magorrian  60kg
6. ATC MEMBERS CHRISTMAS HANDICAP3:45pm4. Trafalgar2000m (4) Blake Shinn  60kg
7. TAB HANDICAP4:20pm6. All Cerise1400m (5) Joshua Parr  57.5kg
7. TAB HANDICAP4:20pm12. Wine Tales1400m (12) Leigh Roche  54.5kg
8. PLUCK@VINERY HANDICAP5:00pm6. Quick Defence1500m (13) Leigh Roche  58.5kg
8. PLUCK@VINERY HANDICAP5:00pm11. Hogmanay1500m (15) James Innes Jnr  57kg
9. TAB.COM.AU SPRINT5:40pm10. Sonic Swish1200m (17) Tommy Berry  58kg

Sun 11 Dec - Hawkesbury

6. PAK-MOR/BUCHER MUNICIPAL MAIDEN PLATE4:20pm3. Mohe County1600m (4) Leigh Roche  57.5kg

Sun 11 Dec - Werribee

7. TAB Werribee Cup4:50pm10. Loving Home2030m (11) Ms Michelle Payne  54kg